Welcome to Taking Baptist Back! This blog is dedicated to reviving historic Baptist principles.

Taking Baptist Back is authored by Timothy Gilbert. Its articles are designed to help Baptists and others learn about and recover our heritage and to know what it means to say that one is a Baptist. To this end we will explore Baptist theology, history and current events. We will also get to know some of the prominent Baptist men and women through the centuries. I will also post sermon manuscripts from time to time, from myself and others, so that we can see traditional Baptist doctrines as they are hammered out upon the hearts and minds of some of God’s saints.

The idea for this blog came from my experiences as both a learner and a teacher in Baptist churches. These experiences have led me to believe that most people who term themselves “Baptists” and thus indicate that they hold to the distinctives of Baptist doctrines have very little idea what those doctrines are. Even more than this is the sense that, among those Christians who have been taught some basic principles, they have largely been taught only watered-down and irrelevant catch phrases, such as “once saved, always saved,” that are insufficient for either faith or practice.

At this point many readers may be wondering whether I am over-generalizing. And while it is true that Baptists are and always have been a diverse group of people with some variations in their theologies, there are core, unifying principles that set Baptists apart from other groups. This blog seeks to elucidate those principles and, if the Lord allows, to help those seeking growth as Christians obtain such growth by renewing their minds through the wisdom of God’s Holy Word (Rom. 12:1-2).

I should also add a little about myself. My wife and I live in central KY where we both also were raised. I attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for my undergraduate education then, after a short break, studied law at the Washington and Lee University School of Law. From there the Lord called me into pastoral ministry and I attended the Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary in preparation and graduated recently with a master’s degree in theological studies. My wife and I are still looking for the congregation that the Lord will have us serve.

Finally, I want to state briefly that I did not simply choose to be a Baptist and then begin to read my Bible in light of Baptist principles. While no denomination is perfect, I ought to be clear that I am a Baptist because the historic doctrines of the Baptist faith seem to me to be the clearest and most generally correct understanding of the Scripture. To put it simply, the Baptists of old read their Bibles correctly. We seek to revive that tradition.


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